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Terms :
1) You can receive the package every 20 hours..
2) Make sure you have enough space in your inventory before claiming the kit.
3) No refunds.
4) Packs cannot be moved after being claimed.
5)Balance changes may occur on kits from time to time.

To redeem your daily kit type /kit "name" Examples : /kit hero

*To see the item list click on the icon of the pack.

Do you want to hide your rank title (eg. [Hero]) in the chat? Type /tag to set the toggle off.

Kit cooldowns after wipe :
Hero 1h
Elite 2h
Legend 3h

Kits Extras :

✔️ Resources
✔️ Resources
✔️ Resources
✔️ Bypass Queue
✔️ Bypass Queue
✔️Bypass Queue
✔️ [Hero] Tag
✔️[Elite] Tag
✔️[Legend] Tag
❌ ️Skinbox
❌ Minicopter (4h CD)
❌ Minicopter (4h CD)
✔️Minicopter (4h CD)
❌ Sign Artist
❌ Sign Artist
✔️Sign Artist